Hurricane Ida: Wet roads can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents and injuries

As Hurricane Ida begins to hit Mercer County, New Jersey, it is important to remind everyone not to underestimate the power of flood water. Just 6 inches of moving water is enough to knock a person off their feet, and just a foot of water is enough to sweep away a car.

Additionally, never attempt to drive through flooded roads. Vehicles can get stuck in a few inches of water, and it is impossible to tell how deep flooding is, just by looking at it. Water can also damage your vehicle, leading to costly repairs, if not, totaling your vehicle.

Driving during storms can be dangerous and you should only drive if absolutely necessary. If so, please do so safely and be cautious of possible flooded roadways. Wet roads can lead to hydroplaning, which can result in serious car accidents, leaving those involved with serious injuries, disabilities, and hardships.

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